Sweet Escape.

Mt. Batolusong, Tanay Rizal I am wondering where to spent my first adventure for 2016. Good thing, I have a friend who used to invite us in his weekly dose of travels, (travelprince.co) Mt. Batolusong has been in line. But due to conflict in schedules we’ve decided to push through with our Plan B (with team... Continue Reading →

153 Days After.

As I recall those memories it still brings me joy and sadness. There are so many nights I found myself dumbstruck because I miss those. Funny, I was able to summarize those days in 1 page. I like you since day one and I fell more and more the day you left. I just want to... Continue Reading →

6, 130 miles

Since my 1st birthday-until my 23rd. I usually have birthday cakes. I can’t remember when, but I started to have this one wish. All I ever wanted is to be genuinely happy. Coz for me, that as a person gets older, it feels like our happiness seems so hard to achieve. Maybe because we have wider... Continue Reading →

Summer love.

How are you doing lately? Honestly, I missed the everyday conversations. The how’s your day and endless topic we once had. Exchange of photos, time to time chats in all forms - Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Emails. No single day passed by without me thinking of you. Can’t remember how many times you made me smile,with your... Continue Reading →

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