153 Days After.

As I recall those memories it still brings me joy and sadness. There are so many nights I found myself dumbstruck because I miss those. Funny, I was able to summarize those days in 1 page. I like you since day one and I fell more and more the day you left. I just want to... Continue Reading →


6, 130 miles

Since my 1st birthday-until my 23rd. I usually have birthday cakes. I can’t remember when, but I started to have this one wish. All I ever wanted is to be genuinely happy. Coz for me, that as a person gets older, it feels like our happiness seems so hard to achieve. Maybe because we have wider... Continue Reading →

Summer love.

How are you doing lately? Honestly, I missed the everyday conversations. The how’s your day and endless topic we once had. Exchange of photos, time to time chats in all forms - Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Emails. No single day passed by without me thinking of you. Can’t remember how many times you made me smile,with your... Continue Reading →

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