Cebu Day 2: Canyoneering  & Majestic Kawasan Falls

For the 2nd Part of DIY Cebu Chronicles. Tara na sa South!

The prime highlights in Southern Cebu aside from the beautiful nature and warm people are the pumping experience and adrenaline rush activities.

If you’re brave enough, have the courage to conquer your fear of heights, or Swim through the remarkable canyons at the Kanlaob River in Alegria.


Canyoneering is one way you can get up close and personal with these gorgeous landscapes and one of the most popular places to do is in a little town called Badian, home to Kawasan Falls. With a professional guide, you can encounter over 10km of hopping, skipping, jumping, swinging, scrambling through the turquoise Gatorade like waters.

Source: Tripzilla
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Source: Tripzilla
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Kawasan Falls is one of the loveliest waterfalls not only in Cebu but, of the whole country. It is situated in a quiet yet alluring town of Matutinao, Badian, Southwest Cebu. A two to three hour travel from Cebu City.

How to get there?

If you are familiar with Cebu City, head on to the South Bus Terminal (SBT). During this early hour, the multi-cabs/jeepneys are not yet operating so take a cab going to SBT instead.

From Sugbutel, fare is around 80php only for a 15-20minute ride. You literally won’t get lost because there are sign boards that you can follow. To be sure, you can ask around the terminal and they would definitely lead you to the queue.

Take a Ceres Bus bound to Badian with “Bato via Barili” signage. Bus fare: 160/head.

You can buy snacks and short breakfast like “Goto” or tapsilog at the terminal. We departed SBT at 5:30 in the morning and arrived Matutinao Church in Badian (drop off point) at 8:30am. Roughly 3hrs land travel.


Who should you book Canyoneering with?

As soon as you arrive in Badian, there will be lots of habal habal drivers that will welcome you. They are offering canyoneering services too. To politely cut them, we asked if they know Kuya Yoyoy, for he will be the one to accommodate us and be our guide for the rest of the canyoneering tour.



We met him – Kuya Yoy and went to their humble abode to prepare our gears and have a short briefing for the activity. Together with his wife and 2 apprentices, we joined them in their morning coffee and small talks about their business and everything that Badian has to offer. I am fond of being with the locals – For you will know best.

They are very warm and have a good sense of humor. Kuya Yoyoy despite his cleft palate disability, never hinders his desire to make his guests feel welcome. He keeps on sharing great lessons and stories from other tourists. Hats off to you kuya Yoy. I strongly suggest to have your canyoneering reservation with him rather than more commercialized travel tours. We must support the locals, especially the independent ones in this business.


You can check kuya yoyoy your most reliable tour guide in canyoneering for his awesome experience as well.

PS. We did the downstream canyoneering.

How much does it cost and what does it include?

Canyoneering Tour cost 1,500php and after asking around thru google and recommendation from friends, all the operators seemed to be identical in price or should I say it’s mandatory.

Price Inclusions: Lunch (3Main Dish, 1Soup, Unlimited Rice,Softdrinks, Water and Fruits)

Lockers/Safety box provided, Entrance fees, Trekking Guide fee, Life Vest, Helmet, Exit Fee, Habal-Habal ride going to Jump off, Dry Bag.

What to wear?

There will be lots of rock scrambling and prepare for the slippy trails. I strongly suggest to consider wearing an aqua shoes, sandals with straps will be fine as long as it’s tight fitted, and any sports/rubber shoes will do. PS. Flip flops will not do the trick.

Canyoneering Experience

The first jump is about 15 feet high. I should say that this is the most nerve-wracking part of this activity. I really don’t have a fear of heights, But I can’t even remember how many times I asked my  younger sister to go and jump first. I was afraid that my head or my back might hit the rocks. With knees and hand shaking, I just closed my eyes and jump into the blue-green water of Matutinao river. All you need is a leap of faith.

The highest jump in this activity is approximately 30 feet. Although this is optional but If you have the guts, TRY this final jump. After all this is what you came for – Thrilling adventures! Trust me, you won’t regret it.




You may check our Canyoneering videos thru IG: itssheilamaezing

There’s a BBQ area half way.Yes! You read right, BBQ’s in the middle of the ravine and the smell will get you!


Kawasan Falls

This is the waterfall that most people refer to as Kawasan Falls (Featured photo) and it is very beautiful, the water is just as turquoise as the pictures.

Kawasan Falls is a popular attraction both among locals and tourists, and it’s rare to get a quiet/solo moment here. When looking at pictures, it’s easy to fantasize about a serene and calm paradise, but behind the cameras, there are restaurants, table and chairs, and sellers who offer you to go out on the bamboo raft or to eat at their restaurant. With that said, it is still an amazing waterfall, and it’s fun to go for a swim



Reward after the 30ft jump – Lunch at 1/3 Falls in Kawasan

From the start up to the very end of our tour, Badian never fails to amaze me. I can’t even contain myself how beautiful it was. Countless times I uttered the words “Ang ganda ganda dito!”. Serenity and amazing views, Pictures doesn’t remotely capture how incredible it was. Iba ang CHARM talaga, Overrated it may sound But you have to see it for yourself, and agree with me as I say this place holds a piece of my heart.

Kawasan Falls way of saying “Thank you for coming”
Tour almost done, On our way to Matutinao Church
Magical place (for me) Where beauty and serenity meets.
Most beautiful reservoir I’ve ever seen. Paalis ka na pero hindi pa rin maawat sa ganda ng kulay ng tubig!

PS. Leave No Trace

For detailed trip and expenses: CEBU 4-DAY ITINERARY UNDER 7,500php DIY (Including Airfare)

If you’re planning for Cebu City DIY tour, posted on my previous write up: Cebu – City Tour Day 1 (DIY)


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