CEBU 4-DAY ITINERARY UNDER 7,500php DIY (Including Airfare)


When it comes to Travel and getaways, The most essential part is Planning. Para iwas hassle kapag nasa galaan na. Sa mga budget conscious na gaya ko, If there’s a way na makakatipid ka and it won’t compromise the quality of your trip and fun, GO na, agad agad! Sharing with you kung paano namin nasulit ang 4D/3N Metro and South Cebu adventures! Cebuano’s are one of the friendliest people I have ever met, Enjoy!


Day 1

07:30AM – Arrival to Mactan Cebu International Airport
08:00AM – Shuttle Bus, Airport to SM City Cebu
09:30AM – Check in Sugbutel, Prepare for City Tour
10:00AM – Brunch, SM Cebu
10:30AM – City Tour

12:00NN – End of 1st Leg of City Tour, Lunch
01:00PM – Off to Lahug City
01:45PM – Arrival JYMall Lahug City, (Take habal habal)
02:00PM – Start of Tour
02:30PM – Taoist Temple
03:30PM – Sirao Flower Farm
04:30PM – Tops Lookout
05:30PM – Temple of Leah
06:30PM – End of Tour, Back to JY Mall
07:00PM – Dinner
08:00PM – Take a Multi-cab going to Robinson’s Fuente
08:30PM – Arrival Crown Regency Hotel
Sky Extreme Advntures (Edge Walk, Edge Coaster, Zipline,Observatory Deck)
10:00PM – Back to Hostel
Lights off

04:30AM – Wake up call, prepare to Check out
05:00AM – Check out, Taxi to South Bus Terminal
05:15AM – Arrival SBT, Breakfast (Take out)
05:30AM – Departure (Bato via Barili)
08:30AM – Arrival, Drop off Matutinao Church
09:00AM – Prepare for Canyoneering, Coffee Time
10:00AM – Start of Canyoneering
01:00PM – Kawasan Falls, Lunch (c/o Kuya Yoyoy)
02:00PM – End of Canyoneering and Kawasan Falls Tour
02:30PM – Wash up, Karaoke Time (@ Kuya Yoyoys humble abode)
03:30PM – Take a bus (Barili via Oslob)
05:30PM – Arrival Bus station of Barili, take another bus going to Oslob town Proper
06:30PM – Arrival Oslob, Dinner (best tasting barbeque and seafoods along highway)
07:30PM – Check in Gunner’s Lodge (10min walk from town proper or Tricyle)
Socials with other guests, Beer/Coffee Sessions
10:00PM – Lights Off

Day 03
04:30AM – Wake u:p call
04:45AM – Breakfast, Prepare for next activity
05:00AM – Take habal habal going to Whaleshark watching
05:30AM – Sunrise watching @ Oslob
Register, Briefing, Start of activity (per batch basis, 1st come 1st served)
06:30AM – End of Whaleshark watching, Breakfast
08:00AM – Back to town proper, Visit Spanish Cuartel Oslob (walking distance from
Town center, or take habal habal/tricycle) *Favorite spot*, Stroll look
for nice beaches
10:00AM – Gunner’s Lodge, Wash up. Prepare for Checkout.
10:30AM – Checkout
11:00AM – Take a bus going to “SIMALA”
01:00PM – Arrival Simala Monastery, Take Habal Habal
03:00PM – End of Pilgrimage, Habal habal back to Sibonga highway
Wait for bus (Cebu City)
05:45PM – Arrival Cebu City
06:00PM – Dinner
06:30PM – Tamboan Market (Dried Pusit, Dried Mangoes)
Explore Cebu City again, Buy Pasalubongs (Zubuchon,Shamrock Otap!!)
08:00PM – Check in Sugbutel
Wash up, Socials at common area, coffee time.
10:00PM – Lights Off

Day 04
06:00AM – Wake up Call, Prepare for check out
06:30AM – Breakfast, Check out
07:00AM – Take a Multicab going to SM City Cebu
07:10AM – Shuttle Bus (SM-MCI Airport)
08:00AM – Arrival Airport, Check in
10:00AM – ETD, Back to Manila
01:00PM – Arrival MIAA, Lunch
03:00PM – Home Sweet Home


20php             Bus from MCIA-SM City
315php            Sugbutel (Business Class + Linens)
100php            Deposit (refundable upon checkout)
250php            Food
28php              Jeepney Fare (4-way trip)
50php              Entrance Fee: Sirao Flower Farm
100php            Entrance Fee: Tops Lookout
50php              Entrance Fee: Temple of Leah
50php              Coffee, Snacks
350php(RT)     Habal-Habal Ride
550php            Sky Walk Extreme

Expense: 1,763php

40php              Taxi (x2 pax = 80php)
200php             Food
1500php          Canyoneering + Kawasan Falls Tour Fee
160php            Bus Fare (to Matutinao)
61php              Bus Fare (to Barili)
40php              Bus Fare (to Oslob proper)
100php            Snacks, Water, Extra expense
300php            Gunner’s Lodge (Accomodation)

Expense: 2,401php


500php            Whaleshark Watching
250php            Food
150php            Habal Habal Ride
75php              Bus Fare to Simala
80php              Bus Fare to Cebu City
420php            Sugbutel – Accomodation (First Class)
200php            Jeepney, Tricycle, Extra Expense (Water,Snacks)

Expense: 1,675php

Day 04:            BACK TO MNL
14php              Jeepney Fare (2-way)
20php              Bus Fare (SM City – MCIA)
250php            Food
20php              Bus Fare (MIAA –Baclaran)
75php              Bus Fare (Buendia – Balibago)

Expense: 379php

Note: No Terminal Fee for Outbound Flight (Mactan Cebu Int’l Airport)

Total Expense: 6,218php + 1,053 Airfare (RT) = 7,271php ALL IN

Expense for Pasalubong/Souvenir (Optional)

700php            (T-Shirt)
150php            (Key Chain)
320php            (Shamrock Otap – All time Favorite!!)
100php            (Zubuchon Chicharon)
750php            (1kl Zubuchon Best Seller – Lechon Cebu)
200php            (Dried Mangoes)

Total Expense: 2,220php

For more details, Contact Numbers, and Fun Experience up for my next post.


19 thoughts on “CEBU 4-DAY ITINERARY UNDER 7,500php DIY (Including Airfare)

Add yours

    1. Hi Jey. Im with my sister and DIY lang talaga ang ginawa namin para tipid. As well as may mga gusto kami puntahan na hindi naman inooffer ng mga travel tours. I am currently working with the detailed trip and summary. For posting soon. Push ang Cebu! Amazing lalo na sa Oslob! 🙂 Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi She, yung Airfare niyo ba na 1,053.00 back and forth na siya? Mga anung month kayo nag pa book, pahirapan na kasi kumuha ang mamahal 😀


      2. Hi Jey. September kami nagpabook. And usually yung travel dates na kinukuha ko ay March mid, Thursday kunin mo. For 3consecutive years mura flight ko basta Mar 16-20 travel dates. Abang ka promos, meron yan pag holidays. May 1 may promo.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Hi! Will this be applicable in November or December 2017? I have a 1 year old child that time.Will this itinerary be fine if we do it with my son?Thanks.


    1. Hi dear. Yes this IT is good until December as there will be no changes sa rates ng mga tour like canyoneering and whaleshark watching.
      This is more on walk trip and habal habal ride which is not suitable for your 1year old baby. You may take travel and tours nalang para hindi hassle kay baby. Let me know if you have questions pa. Hopefully you can visit the beautiful Cebu! Regards.


  2. Hi! Abangers na din ako sa more detailed post mo about this! I’ve already read the Day 1. Hihi. Sobrang informative ng post mo!
    Btw, do you have any idea paano pumunta sa Amidala and 10,000 roses cafe? Thank youuuu!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. thanks po sa quick response i planning to follow your itirenary but planning unahin ung day 2 kasi maaga dating namin sa airport:)


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